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Cold Rolling

Multiple units of 4-high and 20-high rolling mill for different thickness. 
Cold Rolling usually adopts the way of longitudinal rolling. The process of cold rolling production generally includes raw material preparation, rolling, degreasing, annealing, finishing, etc. Cold rolling with hot-rolled products as raw materials, the purpose of degreasing is to remove the rolling attached to the rolling material lubricating grease, so as not to contaminate the steel surface when annealing, also for stainless steel to prevent carbon increase. Annealing is through recrystallization to eliminate the processing hardening generated by cold deformation, in order to restore the plasticity of the material and reduce the deformation resistance of the metal. Finishing includes inspection, shearing, straightening (levelling), packaging, etc. This results in the production of higher quality steel coils.

Technical Specs

Cold rolling equipment
  Min Max
Thickness 0.05mm 4.5mm
Tolerance of Thickness +/-0.015mm +/-0.05mm
Width 25mm 770mm
Inner Diameter 300mm 508mm


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