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CEO Greeting

Dear friends,
First of all, on behalf of DSM, I would like to thank you for your attention and welcome you to our website
DSM has been working in the steel industry for more than 20 years and has been fortunate enough to witness the revival of the industry, to participate in the creation of the industry's elite, and to enjoy the fruitful results and glory. DSM's achievements today are the result of the hard work and sweat of our partners, friends from all walks of life and all DSM employees! We will remember this kindness and use it to motivate ourselves to continue seek for new and greater success!
At present, DSM is based on the starting point of deep development and big leap. Facing the new situation and new opportunities, we continue to explore the operation modes suitable for enterprise production and management; continue to establish a nationwide processing and storage distribution base; continue to extend and develop the deep processing industry chain in the steel industry; continue to improve and introduce advanced production technology and techniques. The company has cooperated with several universities and colleges in joint research and development, while employing senior technical experts in the field of steel material processing for scientific and technological research, to provide our customers with the required stainless steel and special metal processing solutions.
In the future, DSM will adhere to the development concept of "Integrity and Innovation, Seek for Excellence and Win-Win", continue to promote the steady growth of business, towards the goal of "Kindness, altruism, one step at a time, creating a better company".
Thank you for your interest and support. Welcome to visit us and do business with us.


 Tel: +86 351 2159 096
 Fax: +86 351 5268 962
 E-mail: info@dsmsteel.com
 Address: Zone B, Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park, No.73 Gangyuan Road, Jian Caoping District, Taiyuan,Shanxi,China.



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