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Surface Treatment

Change the original surface to decoration needs.
Surface Treatment means processes including sandblasting, polishing, etc. In order to remove the various foreign substances attached to the surface of the object and provide a good substrate suitable for the coating requirements to ensure that the coating film has good anti-corrosion properties, decorative properties and certain special functions, the surface of the object must be pre-treated prior to coating to produce a product that meets the requirements for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functions.

Technical Specs

Surface treatment equipment
  Min Max
Thickness 0.3mm 3mm
Width 700mm 1570mm
Rawmaterial Surface 2D,2B,BA
Surface NO.4,HL,SB
Rawmaterial OD 1000mm 2100mm
Rawmaterial ID 508mm 610mm
Final ID 508mm


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