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Those who gain people prosper, those who lose people collapse. In the company's more than 20 years of operation, through the mutual support of all like-minded DSM people, the company has achieved mutual success and created the scale of the enterprise today.

We are willing to continue to uphold the principle of "Select the best, seek common ground while reserving differences", and provide a broader career development platform for employees who dare to think and act. We will continue to build a scientific and reasonable talent incentive system and career growth path for employees, continuously improve the working environment suitable for the development of talent, and protect the common interests of enterprises and employees.
In the next few years, the company will be based on the present moment, fully realise the expansion and quality improvement, and make every effort to extend and build the deep processing chain in the steel industry. The company hopes that all employees will work hard, do their jobs well, study hard, innovate and progress, and work together to achieve a better future for DSM.

Career Development

DSM is constantly building and improving its career paths. We try to establish a dual promotion mechanism of "management" and "professional", and build a customized training and development system according to different career paths to ensure maximum growth and development of talents in the company platform.
At the same time, the company focuses on improving and creating an open, fair, positive and simple working environment and atmosphere, and is committed to giving employees a sense of security, responsibility, mission, achievement and belonging, so as to promote and achieve the success of the company by helping each and every one of them. To achieve self-worth by realising the mission of a good company.

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