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DSM Shanxi: Fighting the 'epidemic' and continuous production

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Upgrading and upgrading for development

On December 5th 2022, the 'Taiyuan News' program of Shanxi Taiyuan Radio and Television Station broadcast such a dynamic picture: dancing cranes, roaring machinery, neat steel coils, and orderly operations... In Shanxi DSM cold In the rolling workshop, the bustling production was not affected by the complexity of the epidemic. As the rolling mill continues to roll, one steel plate after another becomes thinner and brighter.

Benefits are the 'ballast stone' for the high-quality development of a factory. Although the epidemic situation is complicated and the market is sluggish, DSM has never stopped exploring and advancing. This is not only the company's pursuit of high-quality development goals, but also DSM's mission call to create a better life for all employees. As a professional stainless steel processing enterprise, DSM has been advancing against the trend through capacity expansion and quality improvement, technological innovation, hard work, and the goal of building a leading 400 series stainless steel and special metal processing service platform in the country.



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