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Our Package Method

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DSM will strictly check the Package of the product before delivery to ensure that the product will not be damaged or bent when it is delivered to the customer. DSM has been deeply involved in the iron and steel industry for more than 20 years and has the honor to witness the revival of the industry, participate in the establishment of industry elites, and enjoy fruitful brilliance. DSM's achievements today are the result of the hard work and sweat of partners, friends from all walks of life, and all DSM staff! Next, let's take a look at our Package method in detail.

Here is the content list:

  • The two Packages are different.

  • There are three places to pay attention to protection when packaging.

The two Packages are different.

The trading products of stainless steel coils in the stainless steel coil market are basically in two forms, one is a flat plate and the other is a steel coil. Since stainless steel has high requirements on surface quality and plate shape, an appropriate Package is essential. There are generally two types of stainless steel coils in terms of sales status, one is sold in the original steel pallet+waterproof paper+plastic film+protection board+Inner and outer retaining rings of the steel factory, and the other is sold after processing in strips. Due to different emphases, the two Packages are different.


1. Steel mill original Package

The original package of the steel mill mainly plays two roles, one is a symbolic role. The packages of each steel factory have their shapes, colors, Package materials, and package methods. Customers can easily distinguish which steel factory the stainless steel coil is from the package. The second function is protection. The package of the steel factory fully takes into account the needs of steel coils during hoisting and turnover, so each Package component can play a good role in protection.

2. Strip Coil Package

Slitting is a common name for slitting. Slitting is one of the important rough processing of stainless steel. Although it is rough processing, slitting is very technical processing. It has high requirements for equipment and operators. The processing is below 0.5mm for steel coils, the slitting process may be trimming for raw edge coils, cutting small coils of various widths, or it may be pre-processing of small plates of a fixed size. Because many customers have high requirements for slitting coils, the wooden pallet+waterproof paper+plastic film for the striped volume is also relatively rich, aiming at protecting the striped volume and ensuring product quality.

There are three places to pay attention to protection when packaging.

The purpose of the stainless steel Package is very clear, one is to protect the product, the other is to facilitate transportation, and the third is to be beautiful. There are many considerations for protecting stainless steel. When packaging, there are three places to pay attention to protection, one is the inner cylinder, the other is the side, and the third is the surface. As for the side, it should be the most worthy of attention. If the side is accidentally scratched, at least several layers will be damaged. The scratch on the side shows that there is a depression on the edge of each layer on the single layer. If it is made of welded pipe, it will cause perforation. The reason for side scratches is generally caused by friction with harder objects, such as mutual friction between slitting rolls, friction with hooks during lifting, and so on. Therefore, to protect the sides well, rubber skins or wooden strips are generally placed between the rolls. Since the width of the slitting rolls is fixed to the length, generally there is no paper padding, but if there is a paper separator, paper padding can also be done. For outer surface protection, you can generally use steel pallet+waterproof paper+plastic film paper, and it is also good if you can use the plastic skin used in the original roll.

Committed to bringing more and better products to customers, this is what we have been doing. If you are interested in our Package or have other needs, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.dsmsteel.com/. Welcome and look forward to cooperating with you.


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