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430 Stainless Steel Sheet for Kitchen Utensils

430 is one of the most widely used of the “non-hardenable” ferritic stainless steels.

  • 430 stainless steel sheet

  • DSM

  • 1.4016

  • 430

  • SUS430

  • 10Cr17

  • automotive trim and molding/ furnace combustion chambers/ dishwashers/ range hoods/ gas burners on heating units/ gutters and downspouts and flatware

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Stainless steel 430 is a widely used steel alloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance and versatility. It belongs to the ferritic family of stainless steels, which is characterized by a high chromium content and a low carbon content. The addition of chromium gives 430 stainless steel its corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

430 Stainless Steel Sheets Specification

Product 430 Stainless Steel Sheets
Grade Equivalents 430,1.4016,UNS S43000
Thickness (mm) 0.03mm to 8mm
Width (mm) 10mm to 800mm,Custom Width
Length (mm) 100mm to 600mm, Custom Length
Finish 2B,No.4, BA,NO.1(HRAP),Custom Polish
Standard Coating Paper Interleaf
Services Shearing.Cutting. Blanking. Circles, Punching
Applications Storage Tanks, Low Pressure Vessels, Temperature Controlled Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and Boilers, Making rail car structural components, Air frame sections, Highway trailelr components, Automotive wheel covers, Wiper blade clips and holders, Stove element clips, Screen frames, Toaster springs, Curtain walls
Services Shearing,Cutting Blanking,Circles,Punching
Hardness 1/2H,3/4H,H,FH EH,Soft/Annealed

Hardness of Stainless Steel 430 sheet

As a reference, the Rockwell B Hardness of copper is 51. 430 Steel's Rockwell B Hardness is 85. This shows the material's resistance while being on the lower end. The modulus of elastic is one of the reasons 430 steel can be easily machined.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 430 Sheets,1.4016,UNS S43000
Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Ni
430 0.12 1 1 0.04 0.03 16.0 - 18.0 0.75

Physical of Stainless Steel 430 Sheet,1.4016,UNS S43000
rade Density (kg/m³) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Coefficient of Thermal
Expansion (μm/m/℃)
Thermal Conductivity
Specific Heat 0-100℃(J/kg.K) Electrical
0 - 100℃ 0 - 315℃ 0 - 538℃ at 100℃ at 500℃
430 7750 200 10.4 11 11.4 23.9 26 460 600

We sell 430 Stainless Steel Strips of the highest quality at reasonable prices! 

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FAQ's with Respect to Quality, Price and Delivery of 430 Stainless Steel Strips

Which Cities or Countries You Export or Sell 430 strips?

We supply 430 stainless steel strips across all major cities in China including Wuxi,Foshan and etc.We can offer 430 strips on FOR site basis, where in out customers do not have to worry about the transportation hassle. We will get the materials door delivered to your Factory. In addition to domestic supplies, we have exported stainless steel 430 strips and many other products to Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt.

What finish can be done for Stainless Steel 430 strips?

We can offer stainless steel 430 strips in various types and finishes such as No. 1 Hot Rolled Finish, 2B Cold Rolled Finish, BA finish and No. 4 Matte or Brush finish stainless steel strips.

How to Get the Sample for Stainless Steel 430 strips?

Generally, we are selling prime quality materials from reputed manufacturers in China and overseas, so as such sampling may not be required. However, if required by our customers, we can provide samples for your evaluation. We have many samples in various patterns in stock and customized samples will take about 5-7days to produce. Just contact us for the FREE SAMPLES now! Delivery Charges for samples need to be borne by our customers.

How can you Guarantee the Quality for 430 strips?

We purchase the stainless steel 430 strips from TISCO,BAOWU,JISCO,TAISHAN,LIANZHONG, POSCO and other steel factories that are reputed and al materials are supplied with mill test reports. In any case, we are providing 100% Quality Guarantee for our stainless steel 430 strips, and will refund 100% amount on any quality defects.

Can I Get Your Best Price for 430 strips?

Yes Indeed, It will be our pleasure to quote you our best prices. We are one of the biggest stockiest and supplier of stainless steel 430 strips and can price you lowest prices. Our price mainly depends on your quantity and material grade and finish.We are willing to offer you the best discounts for stainless steel 430 strips in China. Overall our service, quality and pricing is guaranteed.

How long is your Delivery Time for 430 strips?

Most of the standard size stainless steel 430 strips are available in stock. We can deliver the goods immediately, on receipt of payment. The products will be delivered ASAP on the basis of the quality assurance. For exports, the delivery can be made within 5-10 days, depending on the vessel availability.

430 Stainless Steel Strip Suppliers

Top 430 Stainless Steel Strip Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

We are one of China's largest 430 stainless steel strip manufacturers. Our warehouse in Taiyuan stocks over 600 tons. We deliver stainless steel strips in grades 430,321, 316L,3105, 430,409 to all major Chinese cities. We have a wide range of customers, including not only OEMs and end users, but also traders. Our price competitiveness allows us to sell around 500 tons per month. DSM has sold to over 50 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Russia. We also export to Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan.

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Value Added.jpgPacking - We can place stainless steel Strips as per your requirements. Normally we have stainless steel Strips packed on wooden pallets.On special requests from our customers, we can also do custom packing especially for our export customers.

Shearing - DSM has in - house shearing and slitting cutting facilities. We can cut the Strips to suit your size requirements.

Slitting - We can offer slitting facilities for thickness upto 8mm. Let us know if you have requirements for cut to width sitting Strips.

Laser Cutting - Laser cutting is the most expensive, and required for precision engineered parts. Price for stainless steel Strips can be invoiced separately, and we can separately charge for laser cutting, if the customer accepts the same.

Custom Machining - We have in -house machining facilities, and can process stainless steel blocks as per your drawings. if you a are looking for precision engineered stainless steel blocks, please do contact us.

Various Forms - We can offer flat rolled products in various forms such as Strips, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered plate, Strip, Flats etc.

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