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430 Stainless Steel Supplier

  • 430 Stainless Steel

  • DSM

  • 1.4016

  • 430

  • SUS 430

  • 10Cr17

  • General-purpose steel with good corrosion resistance, used for building interior decoration, household appliances, and household appliance parts. The brittle transition temperature is above room temperature, and is sensitive to notches, so it is not suitable for making bearing spare parts below room temperature


430 stainless steel coils

What is 430 stainless steel coils?

The corrosion resistance of 430 stainless coils is similar to that of 304/304L coils. This grade is not work-hardening and can be shaped using mild stretch forming or bending operations. This grade is commonly used for interior and exterior applications that require corrosion resistance over strength. Type 430 is less weldable than most stainless steel coils. This is due to its higher carbon content, and the lack of stabilizing components. It requires a post-weld heat treatment in order to restore corrosion resistance and ductility. For welded ferritic applications, stabilized grades like Type 439 or 441 are recommended.

430 Stainless steel coils Hardness

As a reference, the Rockwell B Hardness of copper is 51. 430 Steel Coils's Rockwell B Hardness is 85. This shows just how durable this material is, while being on the lower end for steel coils. The modulus of elastic is one of the reasons 430 steel is so easy to machine.

430 Stainless steel coils Properties

As far as ferritic coilss are concerned, 430 stainless coils is by far the most popular. This material is used for a wide range of indoor applications. The high content of chromium in this material provides excellent corrosion resistance under normal atmospheric conditions. It can form tough and durable passivated chromium-oxide barriers. The 430 grade's high chromium content makes it able to renew this thin protective film very quickly.

The 430 stainless coils are more resistant to stress corrosion cracking caused by chloride than other ferritic coils. The stainless steel coils 430 also resist corrosion when exposed to dilute organic acid and a variety of alkalis. This makes stainless coils 430 perfect for kitchen appliances, such as working surfaces and utensils. The stainless steel coils 430 have also shown a good resistance to nitric acids, making them suitable for chemical applications.

The 430 stainless steel coils are best for mildly corrosive environments. If you are working in an aggressive environment, it is best to use a 300-series stainless steel like 304 or 316L. 430 stainless coils are significantly cheaper than 316 because they do not contain nickel or molybdenum. This makes 430 Stainless Steel Coils a great choice for indoors environments that are not critical. At elevated temperatures, 430 Stainless Steel Coils offer good resistance to corrosion.

The 430 stainless coils do have their drawbacks. The ferritic structure of the steel causes it to become brittle at cryogenic temperatures. The 300-series is not as easy as it was to weld and form, but has a good drawdown capability. The low thermal conductivity of 430 can cause the cutting edges to become very hot and galling. While machining stainless coils 430, you will need to use a lot of coolant.

The heat-affected zone of 430 stainless coils can be brittle. This is why they are not suitable for robust applications. It is possible for 430 grade surfaces to pit and crevass at high temperatures. Particularly in conditions of low pH.



Yield Strength, min. (ksi)


Tensile Strength, min. (ksi)


Elongation, min. (%)


Hardness, max. (Rb)


Mechanical Properties



Ultimate Tensile Strength

517 MPa

75000 psi

Tensile Yield Strength

345 MPa

50000 psi

Hardness (Rockwell B)



Modulus of Elasticity

200 GPa

29000 ksi

Elongation at Break



Physical properties for Type 430 stainless steel coils


430 Data

Density, lb/in3


Modulus of Elasticity, psi

29.0 x 106

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, 68-212˚F, /˚F

5.7 x 10-6

Thermal Conductivity, Btu/ft hr ˚F


Specific Heat, Btu/lb ˚F


Electrical Resistivity, Microohm-in


430 Stainless steel coils Specification


430 Stainless steel coils

Grade Equivalents

430,1.4016,UNS S43000

Thickness (mm)

0.08 to 8.0

Width (mm)

1000mm,1219mm,1500mm, As per Customer Requirements

Length (mm)

2000mm,2440mm,3000mm,5800mm,6000mm,12000mm,Custom Cut


2B,No.4, BA,NO.1(HRAP),Custom Polish

Standard Coating

Paper Interleaf


Shearing.Cutting. Blanking. Circles, Punching


Type 430 is an austenitic stainless steel coils with a nominal composition of 17 percent chromiumand 7 percent nickel,which provides good strength and ductility when cold worked.
lt alsohas excellent corrosion resistance properties 430 is well suited to welding and forming anddrawing.
430 stainless steel coils is an austenitic stainless with excellent corrosion resistance.
Precision steel coils stocks 430 stainless steel coils in the 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, 3/4 hard, full hard, and extra hard tempers.


Storage Tanks, Low Pressure Vessels, Temperature Controlled Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and Boilers, Making rail car structural components, Air frame sections, Highway trailelr components, Automotive wheel covers, Wiper blade clips and holders, Stove element clips, Screen frames, Toaster springs, Curtain walls

430 Stainless steel coils Composition

Chemical Composition (wt%) limits as specified in ASTM A240 and ASME SA240*

















* Maximum, unless range is indicated

430 Stainless steel coils Applications

Type 430 coils are a common, simple and inexpensive stainless steel coils. It is not the best in any particular category but its combination of heat resistant, ductility and corrosion resistance makes it an excellent general-purpose coil. By modifying the composition of 430F stainless coils, it is possible to easily machine them, making this a very useful machining alloy. Type 430 stainless steel coils are the most commonly used coils of stainless steel. They can be used for many different applications, including:

Dishwasher linings

Automotive Trim

Range Hoods

Drawn/formed parts,

Industrial wall cladding & roofing


Handling equipment for mining,

Heat-resisting applications,


Ask your supplier for their opinion to determine if the steel coils are right for you. You will get the latest information from them on the best steel coils to suit your needs.

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