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Shanxi DSM Disposable Razor Steel Martensitic Stainless Steel 6Cr13

Razor blade steel 6Cr13 is a martensitic stainless steel,Mainly used for disposable razors, disposable scalpels, etc.

  • 6Cr13

  • DSM

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  • 60Cr13

  • Mainly used for disposable razors, disposable scalpels, medical equipment, etc.

     6Cr13 is a unique product of our company. This product is used to produce disposable razor blades. In terms of performance materials, the products produced are particularly good.

     Razor blade steel DSM6Cr13 is supplied in cold rolled steel strip coils.

Standard C≤% Si≤% Mn≤% P≤% S≤% Cr others
Q/TX051-2012 0.60-0.70 1 1 0.04 0.03 12.5-14.00 -----

Standard T.S. min Y.S. min EL min% HARDNESS( max) BEND
Mpa Mpa 50mm HBW HRB HV
Q/TX051-2012 540 ----- 15 ----- 95 ----- -----

Other specific sizes and specific requirements can be met and produced to order.

Precision stainless steel strip

Thickness 0.08-1.2mm
Rolling width 450-680mm
Slitting width 5-680mm(We can slitting for you as per your required width,but if you need some special width such as 400mm coil the remaining 280mm you also need to purchase which can not sale to other clients)
Length coil or as per requirement.
Surface 2B
Original DSM
Standard Produce as per your requirement.
MOQ 3mt or as per coil actual weight

Rust prevention:

Apply a thin layer of anti-rust oil for protection.


DSM adopts a variety of packaging standards. The product looks neat and beautiful after packaging. It can also prevent rust, moisture, dust, pressure, collision and scratch to ensure that it arrives at the customer's warehouse intact. Small wooden blocks are placed in the middle to facilitate customers to move the steel belt.


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